Newbie from West Yorkshire


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Jan 7, 2014
West Yorkshire

Greetings, salutations and all that crap.

Newbie (to the site) hailing from West Yorkshire, somewhere near the M62 in Leeds. Been riding 20 years on various bikes of various CCs and currently loving my K6 600 Gix as you can see above.

Ambulance Medic often found scraping the dross out of inner city centre gutters and shipping them off to either one of our city's two A&Es.

In my spare time I enjoy dabbling with music, on-board POV bike cameras and editing them into YouTube monstrosities. I run my own bike forum which is more general bike based and review a fair bit of bike and clothing kit.

More recently I'm getting snap-happy with my latest toy in the form of a Canon DSLR camera. So if anyone from my locality (Yorkshire) fancies hooking up for some blasts out and having their bike worked into some creative genius, get in touch.

Hoping Haven't clocked many miles on my stead despite it's exceptionally low mileage for it's age - just over 5,000 miles on a '56 plate.

Right... who's for a brew?
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