New to gixxer


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Sep 17, 2014
Hello to you all. I'm completely new to gsxr world so thought I'd start here. I'm 36, been riding off road bikes since I was 10. Had a few road bikes but couldn't afford to run on and off road bikes plus van and flat etc. getting on a bit now and picked up a back injury so the motocross era has come to an end. After much research through countless web sites I've been swayed towards the suzuki, but I've always liked the gixxers to be honest. I've been to my local dealer (fowlers) and in talks on securing a new 750 by the end of next week. Looking at £7k for the bike OTR, plus I've requested accessory pack and megaphone exhaust. Not sure on an akropovic or yoshimora, they look the same apart from the names. Can any one recommend which is better and why? Are they road legal? Only asking as I've heard different things from different people about them.
Appreciate any feed back and advice on owning a gsxr from new.

Cheers Webby!!


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May 5, 2014
ey up Webby, welcome t' club. re exhaust I reckon Suzuki spend so much on developing an exhaust to be the best all round one for the job an aftermarket one is purely a cosmetic thing. Suzuki usually offer the Yoshi in the accessories. Good choice of Gixxer, enjoy ;-)