Maxxis Supermaxx Sport MA-PS Review


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Jun 9, 2014
Newbury, Berkshire
Had some new rubber fitted today and as there seems to be very little first hand experiences of these i figured i would do a running review. I like to think i'm a quick rider but i'm not going to give the TT boys a run for they're money.

Front: 120/70/17
Rear: 180/55/17

Cost: £139 delivered plus £20 for fitting to loose wheels.

Bike: GSXR 750 K5

Current mileage: 2574

Old tyres: Bridgestone BT014, about half worn.



So i put 30 miles on them tonight. So initial impressions.

Scrubbed well, i felt pretty comfortable on them after 20ish miles.
The turn in is nice and easy, no force is needed and it doesn't just dive straight down. They feel nice precise.
Got really warm and sticky and even though i didn't lean on them to hard the edge got reasonably warm.

I haven't gone mad on them yet, probably will Sunday so will report back then.