M56 - Sunday


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Jan 18, 2012
Milton Keynes
Having spent the weekend back up in Wales we decided to come home Sunday night to try and avoid the Monday traffic... hmmm, would probably have been better to have waited.

We were near J14 - Runcorn, I stopped off to go to the loo at the services and quickly got back on the road, but literally after 30 seconds of being in the middle lane everything ground to a hault, 5 - 10 mins later some emergency services came taking up the hard shoulder, my first thoughts were 'oh here we go, what tool has been on his phone' we were there for over an hour and a half, in that time the air ambulance had landed in a nearby field, they closed off the other side of the motorway so it could then land as close as it could to the incident - which was literally less than a mile in front. After a long wait they eventually opened up lanes 2 and 3, we passed what had happened, I kinda wish I hadn't looked, it was half an R6, I say half as it had been rear ended by a car, and the poor guy's boots put next to it, so it was obvious the air ambulance was for the rider. The car driver and her kids were stood beside the road being chatted to by the police. Just makes you realise how vulnerable us riders actually are on the roads. Anyway, I hope the guy was ok and I don't really want to see anything like that again in a hurry. :(