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Apr 24, 2015
I've been riding for 3 years this summer, and just bought a gsxr. also hAve a v star 1100 custom. I just took my new to me gsxr 750 out for a ride yesterday. Holy fuck. I stuck to side roads for a couple turns, stop and goes, and some curves. I couldn't stop smiling. I spit my chew out, grossed out the car behind me at the stop sign and hit a road with a higher speed limit. I am completely blown away by everything on this wonderful machine. Feels so natural. the power, braking, and handling are Truly amazing. I need to work on throttle control while turning and riding at slower speeds. I'm hugging the tank with my knees and lower body supporting my weight, in order to be able to direct the bike more efficiently. Do you all steer with your body and feet alost more than the bars? Seems easier and more effective. All and any advice is mugh appreciated.