Commuter tyres


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Sep 7, 2018
Can anyone recommend a decent set of tyres that will resist squaring as I use bike for commuting as well as fun?


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Apr 17, 2022
Hi guys. Seems this is quite a quiet forum. I joined because I wanted the workshop manual and preferred to give my money to a worthy cause!

Maybe new folk like us need to start nattering to bring some life back to it, if that's what we want?

My view on bike tyres is that it's pretty much impossible to choose between them, whatever compromise you make on rubber composition you lose out on with absolute grip. Similarly, more tread better for wet, less better for dry.

I think only on the track would we ever push to the limits of even the more basic tyres. Consider that if you have poor grip then you are more likely to low side, which would be safer than high siding, but your braking may be reduced. So if that means it comes down to braking, then the most important scenario is wet braking, ergo you primarily want something good in the wet when on the road.

I mean, shrug, this is just an engineer thinking it trough!

What I don't quite understand is this, and if someone has a good explanation I'd like it! They sell race-dedicated wet-tyres. They look completely different to what you get for certified road use. But, hey, if the 'best' tyre for wet are those, as proven on the track, then why can't we buy 'those' for the road. Wet-race tyres?

Anyway, answer to the OP, my view is that I am not sure anyone can do enough controlled 'testing' to generate a big picture of relative merits so I'm inclined just to go for the cheapest tyre (they seem pricey to me) and I'll worry about whether they are the ideal or not once I have them on the bike.

I mean, I am not being complacent about it and don't want to risk my safety for cheap tyres, but I think if one is pushing a tyre to the limits of its performance on the road then you're going to have other safety related issues before your tyres give up!

If you put up a list on ebay you get a range of tyres in the £60 to £80 range that seem more than adequate to me. I'd just pick the cheapest TBH. I can see atm Pirelli Diabolo (I guess the older 'model' of tyre) 120 70 17 going for £61. It is not as if Pirelli are some unknown dodgy brand!?

Is there something I am missing here? Why would I spend £200 on one tyre?