Clutch Slipping?


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Mar 22, 2014
Hi everyone!

Ok, so I've had 2 SRAD's now my first one was a dream never missed a beat never had to repair anything then stupidly got rid of it...

Now I've brought a new one I've come across from first ever major issue.

There is some clutch slipping higher up the gears mainly in 4th and 5th when I hit 8k and gun it the clutch will slip quite badly, the history of the bike... Clean as a whistle externally really really clean for saying its 1998 no rust nothing. BUT the bike has been sat for a year now doing nothing and hasn't yet been serviced, am I right in thinking that the slipping could be a result of bad oil/filter. With it being sat for so long could the oil be causing it to slip? Going to replace the oil and filter over the next few days anyway to rule it out or hopefully resolve the issue lol!

I put the bike in the highest gear and let the clutch out and there was no slipping there and it doesn't do it lower down the box either its perfect up until your cruising along or not really doing much in 4th then when you try and go for it then the slipping starts.

it will jump from 8k to about 10k-11k til the speed catches up then gradually jump up. Only does it when it gets warm, if I go for it from cold (I know I shouldn't but it was just for test purposes one time only) then theres no slip at all.