'99 SRAD Flatspot / Spluttering around 5-6k~ mark


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Mar 25, 2015
Hi all,

First time poster, just joined... I do lurk/post on other forums, anyway getting right to the issue;
I'm not the greatest mech in the world, but I can work my way somewhat around a bike. I do the smaller things generally on my bikes, brake pads/caliper services, oil & air filters, chain and sprockets, lube etc etc. I generally DO NOT work on my engine mainly because I don't have the space and time mostly.
I bought this 99 SRAD a few weeks ago. I didn't expect much from it, as I was told it was sitting and a few bits needed to be done to it. It started up with a brand new battery first time no issues. The next day, in the morning I went to go and start it but the bike didn't want any of it. It took 3 bump attempts to finally get it to stay on as everytime I dropped the clutch and stuck a bit of throttle on, it would stutter and die. So I went for a good old ride, about 100 mile round trip and blasting it out to see if that would loosen up any crap left in the carbs... I did notice once it was getting to the powerband with small adjustments on the throttle around 5-6k mark, it would splutter and jerk in any gear until I either let off a bit or 'power' through it and it's shot me into a tank slap/death wobble once & made me power wheelie a couple of times when I wasn't expecting it.

The next morning I went to start it up to go to work - the battery was completely dead after just 2 attempts of starting it. (choke on, lights off, primed, 5-7 seconds on starter, no throttle. 5 second wait, and repeat). So I called my mechanic, he came out about 2 hours later and the damned thing started FIRST time on the button for him - anyway I told him to re-haul the carbs, all new jets, cleaned etc and put back together. He did that, and the bike worked wonders... until now.

The flatspot/splutter is back again, and it's getting to be a bitch to start in the morning. I'm just wondering if anyone else has come across this issue before, and what steps they took to resolve it?

I have just bought a set of plugs, and I've been round the bike checking grounds and all of them seem pretty clean/intact, no splits or knackered wires, no burnt ends etc.

I have also heard these bikes are notorious for their shitty regulator/rectifiers - I had the same issue on an FZR, but never gave me stutters it would just die overnight, once bumped everything would be fine so that leads me to believe that it's fueling rather than electrical but I could be wrong.

Any help is appreciated.
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