97 750 SRAD - Fuelling problem (I think)


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Dec 6, 2014
Hi all,

Recently bought a 750 SRAD in near mint condition. Guy before me has done all sorts to it. Carbon fibre air intakes for the front, braided hoses etc and (I have no idea why) but he's had it stage 1 Dyno'd.
Now, riding it for the first month or so has been fine. No issues at all. Fired on cold mornings and never let me down. Only thing I did notice was, if I give it a handful (say to get past a lorry or another snail on the road ;)) it gets very lumpy on the over run and then once the clutch is pulled in, it dies.
First time this happened, I pulled over, turned everything off, switched it back on and it fired no problem. Happened once or twice after this so I decided to take the tank off. Found that all inside the tank was a complete rust bucket. Emptied, cleaned, flushed etc replaced filters, cleaned carbs and fresh petrol been put in. Noticed the plugs were a little black and I'd not changed them since I got the bike back in January '15 (shop hadn't changed them either before they sold me it...) so I've thrown some iridiums in there to rule out weak spark.
My boss is a pretty decent mechanic and has said we'll balance the carbs and check the coils this weekend, I just thought I'd ask if anyone else has come across a similar problem? I'm hoping to take the dyno jets/needles out and put the carbs back to standard at some point, or just find another set of carbs cheap enough to swap out and then balance.
I have seen a few people talking about fuel starvation but there's no kinks in the pipes and fuel pump is working fine.
Mixture is smelling REALLY rich and there was definately petrol in the oil last time we dropped it out.

Any ideas?

Cheers in advance!!