9000 rpm limit - Timing issue


New member
Jan 14, 2015
Hi, im new to this particular forum and im after some help. I have a 97 Srad 600 that was all well and dandy. Long story short, it got upset, the head was taken off and all valves were re-lapped, new head gasket etc. Put it all back together and it now only hits 9000rpm, regardless of gear/load etc.

I Immediately though bollocks, timing is out so took it back apart and re adjusted. This is where I am now struggling with it. Playing with the timing I can either get a very smooth bike up until 9000 rpm, or a coughing spluttering bike to 6000 rpm, where it both back and misfires with flames back through carbs and out the exhaust.

Notes to add, it has a k&n filter, ART can, APE mcct, Also ive found in the history with the bike it has had 4 degrees of ignition advance. Neither of these caused an issue before it came apart. The carbs have been cleaned, several times, and were balanced not long before it came apart so should be fairly close still. I have played around with mixture screws, check all electrical connections, adjusted timing back and forth a tooth, several times. My two thoughts now are the mark on the crank is incorrect, or the ignition timing has changed somehow and is not advanced enough for the higher rpm.

Please help me! its really frustrating when you can feel all the magical SRAD unicorns start to stamp their hooves at 8500rpm, where the bike starts to get the feeling its about to launch off, only to be dissapointed when it then stops :(

Cheers! Steve