TRE Timing retard eliminator


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Mar 6, 2013
It will be common knowledge these days about the TRE but for those who dont know Suzuki in there wisdom installed different ignition maps for the different gears on your bike.
In a nut shell the first 4 gears have retarded timing and 5 and 6 dont. Also neutral has a map of its own.
you can fool this system with a simple resitor but the down side is you tick over will be affected as you are in a top gear map when i neutral.
The solution is a STRE (smart TRE). This will give full advance in all gears but will preserve the idle as it reverts to the correct map when the green light is on.

It must be noted however that if this is used on a later bike with gear indicator then the bike bike will display 5th gear all the time. Not a problem to the bike but if you like your gear indicator then dont do the mod.

The diagram for this is NOT drawn by me but is freely available for down load on the net. I have used this version a few time and it work just fine.

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You will see the diagram states Suzuki TL. This does not matter as the gear wiring is the the same on the 4 pot bike as it is on the 2 pot bikes.
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Mar 7, 2017
I have a TRE on my gsxr1000k9 and the gear indicator works fine. Makes a huge difference to throttle response and is actually a bit scary the first time you hit a bump and tap the throttle on the road. The whole point of Suzuki's maps is to make the bike more road friendly.