SRAD 600 custom black and white Rizla fairings FOR SALE

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Mar 18, 2014
Reading, UK
Evening all, first post here as luckily i havent had many issues with my SRAD yet (touch wood!)
I have for sale a full set of custom painted black(metallic) and white rizla fairings that came off of my 1999 SRAD. I bought the bike with the fairings fitted and can say they are very nice, 2 pack paint job, very few chips or marks etc.
The reason for selling as due to my age, lack of NCB and the fact that the paint job would go down as a modification on my insurance, i could not get insured with them fitted so had to remove and put back the original fairings that i also bought with the bike. I was gutted that i cannot ride around with these on but rather than keep them and try to fit in a few years i would rather sell now to release some cash.

This job lot includes all painted plastic fairings and the tank BUT no muguards or the plain plastic pieces ie the radiator splash guard or the RAM plastic housing etc. I am 90% sure that the fairings are all oem and have just been painted rather than being pattern panels as they all line up perfectly and have the same markings as my panels. But obviously i cannot guarantee this. But they are definetly plactic and not fiberglass.

I only have one picture to hand and a walkaround video, but can get more pictures if somebody is seriously interested in the fairings (currently they are bubble wrapped in the loft).

The overflow pipe from the petrol cap has come away from the top of the tank, so would need either rewelding or possibly blanking off to prevent water ingress into the tank. On the rear seat cowl there is a piece of chipped paintwork that has been stuck back on and had a sticker placed over the top to cover it. However it is small and with the sticker on, un-noticeable. The tank comes fitted with stompgrips.

Given that it is hard to find a full set of genuine fairings online and that pattern fairings from Hong Kong range from £300-350 it is hard to price these fairings. Since they are one of a kind and in a 4/5 condition, for now i will advertise them as £400 ONO. Please advise if you think this price is too much based on what you have seen sell before, if the price is too high feel free to make an offer.

Im based in Reading, Berkshire.

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