Now then....


New member
Aug 1, 2014
Alright all,

Newbie on the forum, my name is Mikail and I've been biking for a few years now.

Bike history as follows
Gillera runner 50cc
Honda Cbr125 (binned this a few times, all part of the learning curve)
Yamaha r125 (didn't have this for long as I wanted a gsxr)
Suzuki gsxr 600 k6 (best bike I've ever owned or ridden)

I currently don't have a bike since being knocked off by an idiot driver and am looking around for a nice k7 gsxr 750.

I think a 1000 would be a bit more power than I'm after. Also I could be wrong in thinking this but I'm told that the 750 is the best in terms of handling and power in regards to day to day riding along with track day riding.

Anyways nice to be here, gonna have a look round the site.