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Oct 24, 2014
Hello All, thought I'd introduce myself.

Buy my first gixr in the morning, a k4 1000 - been waiting 20 years for a race rep bike,
and massively excited.
Passed my test 2 year ago, done 18,000 miles, and built my first bike and only bike,
the streetfightered xjr1300 below.

Quite mechanic savvy, but know nothing about the k4, and always looking for tips and tricks.
Don't know if the exhaust valve has been done, or even if it should should be. The bike has a yoshi can on it.
Done 14k, pristine nick.

I'm not looking for a sale here as such - first post n'all - but I really don't like the gold wheels.
I did all the paintwork on my xjr, inc the wheels (x car sprayer) so doing the gixr wheels is no bother.
I'm offering them out as it may be sacrilage to some to redo such a nice (to some) set of wheels, and someone
might really want a set, sale, swap, whatever. Just testing the water here, I'm happy to re-work them myself.

Anyroad, there's my hello, name is Matt, always about in kent, sussex, surrey meets, often north wales
and places in general. These are my two...

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 18.30.08.jpg


apologies, missed the new members section, sure a moderator will move the post ;-)
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