Nearly newbie from Oxford !!


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Mar 11, 2014
What I mean is I am a GSXR 750 owner in waiting.

I currently have an MV Augusta F3 and KTM Duke, but have decided to sell the MV and go for the 750 for a change. 08-10

When looking at potential bikes is there anything I should be looking or focusing on more . My husband is a mechanic but even he has only had one for the track which he put together from bits.

I'd rather get a bog standard model if that's possible as I prefer to do all the mods myself (sorry by HWMBO)

I would imagine this question has been asked a million times on here, but any recommendations on cans.

I always like yoshi but on the MV I paid stupid amounts to fit an exact slip on so the look of the bike didn't change and it sounded awful. Not a yoshi I might add but would like some input