My GSXR - Stealthy Streetfighter Influences


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Oct 9, 2013
So I brought my GSXR in September and it although it doesn't look that terrible in the pic of it still fairing'd - it was a state! I bought it off a friend who put it down a couple of times, but its lived on and is mechanically in good shape with the exception of tatty bodwork scratches and awfully fitting lines and gaps everywhere. She was to be kind, a dog.

Since then she has gotten a new lease of life

New Sprockets, Chain, Batlaxx Tyres, Fork Seals, Spark Plugs and an Oil filter - were all first points of call.

The bobbins were bent when I brought it and they had to go!

After a month of loving it thoroughly, but embarrassed by its rather rough appearance, I decided to tough it up a little, not satisfied with replacing fairings I decided to go naked.....

I have to admit I was put off by searching GSXR streetfighters at first as a lot in my opinion just looked naff, I was hoping to avoid that and I hope you like my amendments to my GSXR.

MT03 Headlamp
Stainless m8 bolts x 8
Stainless Engine bolt kit
Brake pedal £20
Rizoma pot £53.16
Oxford Indicators
Oxford Sports hot grips
Expansion bottle/tank
Rad Guard
Brake Lines in Black
Sick Innovations Crash Cage
Bar End Mirrors - waiting on delivery
Ermax Tyre Hugger - waiting on delivery
Yoke Mounted Clocks

Paint & hi temperature exhaust paint
Powdercoat (exhaust hanger/heel platesx2/foot rest hangersx2/clutch case/generator case/points case/starter case)

All of this was done by Hampshire Motorcycle Centre, who I only have good things to say about, Rob is fantastic at keeping you in the loop at work like this and takes an active interest and a genuine passion in doing the work and making various suggestions throughout the whole process, if your in an hour of Southampton and need some work doing, definitely get in touch with them, they are just awesome! They also sorted out a lot of niggling irritations such as the indicator relay and neutral light being dud problem. In addition to creating a new loom and tidying it up very smartly to really finish this off to a high quality, they also designed and created the clock and expansion tank mount on site.

sorry the pics arent in any particular order!


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