Modified gsxr750 srad


New member
Oct 18, 2013
Hi. New member here. Well after a horrible bike accident in 2006 I shelved my gsxr project. A few weeks ago I decided to pick it up as it had been sitting at a bike shop since 2005. I just couldn't face doing anything with it as I knew I would want to ride it. I had some bad luck when originally tuning the engine, namely the oil pump gear breaking. Not good on a brand new engine. I reckon the mechanic had dropped a bolt into the engine hence the failure. Luckily it had only ticked over.

Anyway I have stripped the whole engine and box and there is nothing wrong with it except the big ends were slightly marked si I replaced them.

So what I have is a gsxr750 bored out to 813cc with trick cams forged pistons and the best bit is it has a Nos wet system with progressive controller which I semi installed all those years ago. I was told at the time it would be 170bhp and up to 240 with the nos due to the spec. There is so much I have forgotten that I did to this bike so sorry for being vague but when it gets dynod hopefully the numbers will speak for themselves.

I haven't put a battery on the bike but I'm sure its done less than 15k and the best bit is most of the engine is new. This thing is going to be a beast!