I hope I am still welcome after this.


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Aug 2, 2014
Hi all,

My name is Wayne, I'm 36 and I live in Manchester.
I enjoy long walks and cosy nights in with a bottle of wine watching a Hugh Gra............sorry wrong site.

As the title suggests though I do have a dark secret, my Gixxer is a little different


I was a courier for a while on my 89 Slingshot but after a quick, violent and ultimately painful argument with a Transit van that ran a red light I collected up the bits of my bike and decided from now on I would go slow and look cool, this was the result.
She has taken me 7 years to put together as I started with no tools, nowhere to work and not a clue what I was doing but now I'm very proud of the things I have learned and what I have acheived.
Problem is now she's at the point where she should start but she doesn't, definitely electrical, probably as a result of one of my early mistakes but where better to turn than the GSXROC?
So I hope you don't run me off the site with pitchforks for desicrating a Gixxer and I hope to pick your brains soon.

Keep the shiny side up.