Hi Everyone!


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Oct 17, 2015
I currently own an 04 Katana 600 (first bike i've been riding for 3 years now). I have an 08 GSXR 1000 being dropped off today. It's black with 15k, miles. Payed 6k for it with a jacket, GSXR cover, wheel chock/strap, and some other extras.

While test riding it the only things that stood out is that the "SD" indicator is on and the front brake feels spongy. I'll be bleeding the front brakes today and if that doesn't help I'm thinking of going with SS lines. The SD light has been on since the previous owner has had the bike though he said the dealer stated it was on due to a "performance mod". I'm wondering if it has the TRE mode and maybe that's causing the light? I'll be going over the whole bike this winter to see what has all been done to it and perform some basic PM.

Looking forward to being part of the community and learning about this bike.

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