Hello from scottish highlands.New posts for gsxr k7 mods :)


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Sep 29, 2013
Hello all.i am new to the site.Owned 4 gsxrs now a k2 600 2x k4 750s and now on a k7 750.

Will be posting up pictures and results before and after on my modifications this wkend.Removing the exhaust valve and servo,fitting an akripovic exhaust,k&n filter and a power commander 3 and a timing restrictor eliminator, then getting it remapped by highland dyno on saturday.

Been looking on various forums and everybody is wondering what power diffference removing the valve actuly makes so i am going to do a before and after power run to prove that removing it is the way to go as there is alot of people not to sure about doing the modification.

Will have pics up soon and photos of the power graphs for everybody to see :)