Hello from Norfolk



Bit cheeky as my first post was to tell you of my Helibars for sale on Ebay. This is my second post and hello all. I bought a new GSXR750 in May this year and have put three thousand miles on it so far, chopped in a FJR1300 which I was getting fed up with the weight of the bike. I am not in my youth and have found the weight on my wrists to be annoying (knew it would be) on the GSXR, so fitted Helibars after a thousand miles. Good though they are, I still had problems and have now fitted LSL Super bike bars, job done. Now I know purists will throw up their hands in horror, but I now have a very comfortable bike for my old bones, which has power, handling, light weight, can do the back road boogy and take me to the Alps in comfort. Track days, been there and done that.
Mirrors are now pretty useless, LSL gonia bar end mirrors and Gregs Customs LED indicator blanks on the way.
When I have completed the changes I will attemt to post some pics.
Cheers Chris