Hello from Colchester


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Aug 12, 2015
Colchester, Essex
Hi there!

Im a new GSXR750 K5 owner. I bought it last month and have been enjoying it through the good weather since.

I've been riding since 2011 and have a high turn over on bikes.

Here's the list that led to the K5:

SV650 K1
749S 2003
ZXR400 1989
R6 2008
R1 2008
Street Triple R 2014
CB650F 2014
GSXR750 K5

Up until this point the ZXR400 had been my favourite in terms of pure fun, the R1 was the best in terms of speed (and fear) but now the GSXR750 is my favourite. Mine has 20mm Ktech cartridges and handles so well (although I'm sure they all do when set up correctly.) It's just the right balance of power and size/weight. Hopefully I wont get bored of it too quickly...

It needs a right hand fairing panel in blue and white as it came with 600 fairings so the colours are wrong. It will also need a shock upgrade over the winter but for now my money is going on fuel.

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