GSXR600 K7 Track bike


New member
Dec 27, 2013
Plymouth, Devon
Hey guys and girls. In need of some opinions/help turning my K7 into track bike.
I put it down the road 2 weeks ago and with a repair bill of £1800 i decided to track it and buy a K6 for the road.
Started work on it yesterday and have completly stripped her down to frame engine and subframe.
My issue is i have a full set of track fairings coming and have had to get new front bracket as old one snapped but what My issue is the wiring! I have removed the exhaust servo and wiring as aftermarket can going on but have heard there are wires that need to be disconnected to stop F1 error plus i am thinking of removing all wiring needed for lights. Is this a good idea? All comments and help would be fantastic......full learning process but once its finished i should have alot more knowledge that i csn imput into the site to help others!