GSXR + track day newbie

Paul R

New member
Apr 8, 2014
Hi everyone

Having just been initiated into the world of gixxers I am looking for any hints or tips that you think may be useful for a middle aged fella getting back on the track. I used to do some club racing 20 years ago and fancied getting back onto the track so got myself a 750WN and looking forward to getting back out there on some (gentle ?) track days.

So whether its gixer related ( I've never run one before so any suggestions are useful ) or track day related I am happy to listen.

Looking forward to a good positive community as I'm from the old school of bikers helping each other. There's not much I can usually offer in return, but I'm always happy to help where I can - even if it's just a can of petrol at the side of the road as we've all been there !

Cheers for reading,