gsxr idling problem


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Jun 18, 2019
I have a 01 gsxr the bike has been completely mistreated definitely been dropped multiple times but the frame, forks, and swing arms are all good the only issue is the mechanical aspect bike wont stay running and has to be kept above 3k to even run also has an issue turning over gotta give it some gas. I know its a project but i got it for close to 500 bucks and the frame alone is 500 any ideas whether its a fuel injector issue motor issue. also will a k6 engine fit in the k1 frame i have an extra one.
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Peter Czibolya

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Apr 19, 2020
No idle? Maybe clogged injectors.
Or check the fuel pump, although it occurs at high rpm not at idle, if it cant deliver enough.
Or the easiest, a very dirty air filter.

I would also check the valve clearance and the timing chain/tensioner if the history is unknown.
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