gsxr 750 k2


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Aug 25, 2014
Hi all, I have a k2 750, and recently had the valve clearances checked and the throttle valves synchronised, by a local mechanic. Ive owned the bike since 2006, and not had any problems with it. It has been well looked after, regular oil changes etc. I went to collect the bike a few days ago but the mechanic said there was an oil leak which appeared to be coming from the head gasket. I was amazed when he showed me, by revving the nuts off it, an oil spurt from just below the exhaust outlet. I was pretty surprised as ive never had any oil leaks since owning it. Hes telling me that the engine will have to be taken out etc and new gasket fitted....very expensive job no doubt!
The bike has done 24k miles, and I cant see any reason for the head gasket to suddenly go. If there is anyone mechanically minded who can shed light on whats happened I would be very gratefull
Cheers all.