Disappointed Hello!

Lux Luthor

New member
Oct 14, 2014
Northam, Devon. UK.

I am a disappointed, frustrated GSXR owner. A number of years ago, I bought a very rare Slingshot with the full intention of getting involved with the club and rideouts. My bike has been in dry store for 22 years. I bought it four years ago from the owner's widow just after he died (who was a good personal friend) along with a FZX750.

After paying someone to re-assemble it, I sat on it for the first time. Disaster! Being short, getting on a bit and have weak ankles, It was plainly obvious that it was completely unsuitable for me. Gutted. I have a very special, rare machine that will draw a lot of interest which spurned me on to complete the project and after all this wait and anticipation, total deflation and depression. I knew it wasn't really me, who just likes to bimble and cruise, but was wrapped in a wave of excitement and enthusiasm. My FZX750 makes me ache all over, what will the GSXR do!!

For that reason, I have put the bike up for sale. (Please see the ad section), so I can put the funds towards something more laid back and a lot lighter.