Building Formula car with GSXR600 engine


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Jan 7, 2015
Hi there,
My name is Yogev, I am a student and my university is participating in the Formula SAE competition. For those who never heard about, Its an engineering competition between universities students around the world of building and racing a Formula car.
We are highly interesting in one of the GSXR600 engine versions. My questions are:
1) Is there a preferred model (year) that is:
* Light weight
* Have a simple electricity requirement / don't have a lot of sensors.
* Have a performance options (without increasing the capacity)
2) Is there any benefit of turbo-charging a 0.6L engine (For example using Garrett GT15 or GT1241)?
3) The SAE rule:
"The engine(s) used to power the car must be a piston engine(s) using a four-stroke primary heat cycle with a displacement not exceeding 610 cc per cycle. "
4) In addition a 20mm diameter restrictor is located in the intake manifold.
Thanks in advance for your help