Belated Hello


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Jan 31, 2014
Hemel Hempstead, UK
Hi All,
Should have done this a couple of months ago,

A little history of me and my bikes.

Been riding 24 years, started with a string of yam RD's, 250's,350's, LC's & YPVS's but they kept going pop so...

Enter my first four stroke a GSX600F, yeah I know the "Teapot", but we all start somewhere right !!

first GSXR a 98 SRAD, the fuel injected model, loved the handling, would rather forget the early fuel injection.....

had a Trumpet for a few years, was doing a lot of miles back then, the 955I was a good road bike.

next GSXR a K8 750, bought it new, fed her tyres and brakes pads until September last year,

now have an new Thou, a L3, 3000 miles 1 set of tyres AND a set of Brake pads later and still grinning insanely every time I put my lid on...

That's me..