600 k1 warning light


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Apr 16, 2014
Hi there,

I have just moved up to f6oo racing and decided to buy a k1. I picked up a 600k1 race bike with a supposed tuned engine, it has a power commander 3 and a quick shifter etc so I have presumed it has had some work. I heard it running when I picked it up and all seamed good. When I got home I realised the clutch was seized so I stripped it. The clutch had a Kevlar paper lined clutch in which had stuck solid to the steel plates (the bike hasn't been ridden for a couple of years, regularly started though). Replaced clutch did full oil change with filter etc. I have had it running since and all seems good. I have checked oil level and the red light on dash goes out as soon as it fires. I can rev the bike when stationary and all is good as I pull away and get up a couple of gears the red warning light starts to flash. If I kill the engine and restart the light goes out after starting and stays out until I cover a couple of hundred yards and then it starts to flash again. The engine seems to be running fine no noises or poor running. Because of the original clutch issue I only rode it briefly up the road with great difficulty after getting it home but covered a similar distance and im sure it didn't flash then.
When carrying out the work on bike I decided to remove the stator(generator as it was still attached and I intend to run total loss) could this be linked to the flashing warning light or is that light only associated with oil pressure. I have just acquired a manual and it mentions a oil warning symbol on the lcd display but I didn't know this earlier so didn't look for it and its too late to fire the bike up now. Im getting slightly worried as im racing on the 26th and time is running out, if someone can give me some info hopefully positive then I can sleep tonight.
any advice greatly received
cheers ian