1000 K2 Checks


New member
Mar 18, 2015

I have recently purchased a second-hand 1000 K2 with just over 8000miles,the bike looks completely mint and i have been told it was owned by a older gentleman where it was dearly loved and kept in a garage under lock and key never blasted and hasnet seen a drop of rain bla,bla,bla you know the story.Anyway i have a 1992 GSXR750 that was streetfightered and i spent most of my time ether adjusting the loom or having issues with the carbs it became more of a nightmare then a enjoyment but she will always be my first love.

My question is what's a good idea to get checked out maintenance wise with the K2?

With the 750 and what was done it was nearly always something every other day, is there anything i should be thinking of or should i just spend the summer riding and see what happens?

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.