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New member hoping to get the most out of this and help anyone I can as well as find help when needed. Always happy to share any knowledge I have to help a fellow rider!
Laying here dreaming of my next ride. I take her out about twice a week and usually hop on the Blue ridge parkway for about 30 miles and another 30 there and 30 back. The parkway is nice on weekdays in the afternoons because there isn’t much traffic. You can really twist the throttle back and it’s such a euphoric experience. It’s basically ALL I live for and it really keeps me going in this life.
Hi, many thanks for the add, looking forward to getting involved with group discussions and hopefully a couple of meets.
Hi new based and waiting for my mint 1995 1100wr with only 16k on it to be delivered monday..cant wait
Love my bike than I love my wife.. LOL
Bikes don’t bitch and complain and you ride em anytime you want. True words my brother I totally feel the same.
I have an srad track bike that I would like to make road legal, how do I get a dating certificate? it's an import.
i have a k6 1000 i recently changed my coolant and since then the temperature keeps flicking from 72 to 86 constantly while riding if i stop at lights and the temperature is at 86 it heats up to 105 quite quickly then fan cuts in this never used to happen i have bled the system but to no avail would appreciate anyone's thoughts on this thanks😕
Hi there. Wondered if anyone with a k7 750 gixxer living in the Darley dale area would be able to take there pride and joy to racefit exhausts so that they could measure up for a new exhaust for my pride and joy. I would love to go myself but live to far away. Please help. I'm desperate. Thanks.
Hi. I have a GSXR600 since Xmas day!!! Any advice on best security I can get and who would fit. Cheshire area.
does anyone have an idea of the market value of a 25th anniversary edition gsxr. no modifications and only just over 1000ks