K4 gsxr 1000, electric issue, and power commander request..


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Dec 6, 2023
Hey all, new to the sight but not the gsxr, having several 96-1999 srad 750s in the past I know the usual issues that we have. I've not had chance to actually check this over yet, but am I right in assuming, when out on a shopping ride a few days back, I put my full beam on and lost everything upfront, lights, dashboard and front indicator for a time, am I right in assuming at this point that it's most probably the bulk connection on the front left under the fairing... gone/going bad. Asking as I had to ride home with no lights upfront but on the mile or so the lights, and dash all spring back into action as normal. I will get out and test all this this week, but fir now I have a few other questions.

I have stolen recoved 2004 zx10r but the frame is toasted, they stole it, I recovered it but becasue they couldn't start due to immobiliser they decided to set fire to it and left it with damaged frame.
Everything else checked out ok.
Question 1.
Will the front end, yikes fork, wheel etc... swap over to my k4 gsxr 1000 as it's all on better condition, I have the full works save any spacers I'd need or bearings if required.
I have 2008 zx10r rear swingarm, wheel etc and again all parts save anything I'd need special.
These parts are immaculate and whilst I clean up the wheels, refurb forks etc on the gsxr itself it would he great if they will swap over, the ninja swingarm is alot shorter also which would give shorter wheelbase and forks will undoubtedly change take and all that good stuff..
I also prefer the wheels on the 2004 zx10r over the gsxr ones and a swap for me would be alot more aesthetically cleaner and better.

Questions are, is it doable, if so has anyone done either? Or willing to help me find out how it would be done. The less down town time the better as I travel alot up and down country, and need my bike on road for this ideally...

Also whilst I'm here the power commander map I have seems rubbish, reportedly setup ok, I checked it and it's just a generic map, I added my dj/pc qs to it and enabled it played abit with timing and have that setup ok, but would someone preferably UK side be able to share their map for comparison its pcv but pc3 maps convert ok so that's not a major issue.