Darth Gixxer

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Sep 5, 2017
Never used to think they were worth it, but ended up testing one for a magazine. Lo and behold, a pair of lowlife scrotes nocked my bike. It texted me to tell me it was being nicked, I went to check and it wasn't mistaken. Between reporting it and walking back to the office (about 5 minutes) I had a call from the Old Bill saying they'd found it.

Virtually no damage (top yoke snapped to free the steering lock but happily they didn't do the barrel) and I got to ride home an hour or so later.

It's cheaper than the insurance excess and (so I'm told) if you don't report it stolen but log on to the tracking screen yourself you might just be able to see where it's gone. Of course I'd never advocate taking your individual approach to restorative justice, but at least you'd be able to tell the authorities where it is...