Is a GSXR 750 comfortable and approachable?


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May 20, 2019
What I mean is, can someone with an okay and reliable amount of normal motorcycle interaction be ok and comfortable on one. I had 650 Honda cafe cruisers, and put thousands of miles on them. Are they(GSXR 750s) extremely hostile or just something you need to warm up to? I had a CBR 929 RR back in the day, and it intimidated the shit out of me. I could ride it, and get where I was going, but I was in jaw dropping awe of how capable it was. So here I am, ready to buy a new motorcycle in the next couple of months, and I don't know if a youjizz pornhub tubegalore 600 series GSXR would be regrettable, as I may just grow into it in a short time, and really wished I had gotten more. I am definitely not getting a GSXR 1000, as I could only picture it being even more intimidating, and then I'm just pissed off that I own a bike that I can never know its proper limits cause it scares me. Thanks for the help, and yes, this is a throwaway, cause my wife can't know that I'm nervous or apprehensive about this, or the whole thing will go up in flames, lol. :D
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