Help Needed With 1990 GSXR750L Oil Cooler


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Nov 22, 2015
Hello All,

Just joined up - really don't know where else to try for help.
I am reluctant to use my bike (in the summer!) because the fins on the oil cooler are tatty.
Worried about lack of cooling due to poor air flow.
Beaten up by stones - because when I was younger I didn't think to fit a guard to it.
Now I'm much older I wanted to try and make it look like new. Have tried teasing out dents with
fin comb, tweezers, tooth picks, screwdrivers ...the list goes on. Just can't get anywhere with it.

I have tried a few phone numbers. Anyone know in the UK anyone that can recore this oil cooler.
Closest I have come is an offer to recore in brass and copper - but wanted to stick to aluminium.

I'm down near heathrow.

Yours Hopefully

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