GSXR 750 2006 K5?


New member
Feb 6, 2023
Hello, I am new here. I have just put a deposit down on a yellow and black GSXR 750. It wears an 06 plate, registered in March 2006 the bike comes up as a K5 on a HPI does this sound right?

I read that the 2006 had some extras such as adjustable foot pegs, 15mm lower seat position. My question is will my bike have these extras? I have also read that the K5 doesn't have these extras that I have mentioned. I have been looking for reveiews but all I can find for reviews are for K4/K5 and K6/K7. Any explanations or advice would be gratefully appreciative.


Apr 6, 2014
Most likely it's a K5 that didn't sell in 2005. My '99 SRAD is on a V plate (2000) for the same reason. I can only imagine the nomenclature hasn't clicked with you. K5 was the 2005 model, K6 2006 etc so if it is a K5 then no it won't have the same features as a K6/K7 as it's a different model (or model update/iteration if you wish)