First GSX-R


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Dec 4, 2022
Hi all!
how cool to find this community and these resources.
I’m a long term rider. Been through a number of bikes over the years, cruisers, sportbikes, standards, dirt and dual purpose. Loved every one of ‘em. My current steady is a beemer f800gs, that I truly love. It is very nearly as all purpose as all the hype proclaims. I’ve been itching to grow my options though, and the depth of my garage, so ive been searching for a number two. I’ve sampled far and wide, young and old, slicks and knobbies. Finally I’ve settled on and older, super low miles, selectively after market farckled GSX-R1000 K9. Hence my looking for you guys, here.
This will be my first Suzuki and my first true track ready beast.
What can you tell me about the brilliance of my selection, or the shortsighted trip and fall I’m about to embark upon?
thanks for your words and wisdom.
biker salute and burning rubber…