EOI 1989 GSXR 750 Slingshot

Gixxer Fixer

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Jul 4, 2021
I’m looking for expressions of interest in my 1989 Sligshot, which I have owned since 1993, I bought it in Johannesburg and as I lived closed to Kyalami racetrack used to take it to track days, then I got obsessed with making it go faster, handle better etc etc, cost me a fortune but in its day went like a rocket with the help of some very talented bike shop owners, in 1999 I moved back to the UK and brought the bike back with me, registered it and put it back on the road, in the early 2000 it fell over on the driveway and did some damage to the plastics, I decided another epic rebuild was due, I started, but life took over, in 2011 I moved to Australia, due to permit issues I couldn’t take the bike with me, so I tucked my baby up under a cover in my moms shed, she’s still there waiting for an enthusiast to come along and rebuild her, my mom died and I am here now setting her affairs and selling the house, so the bike has to go and I can’t let her go to the scrap yard.
Anyone interested!