Anyone got a near new gsxr and not requiring help or advice?


New member
Oct 21, 2017
South Australia
Well if that is you, howdy. Us three are rare bears on this site. I just wonder why everyone hops on an owners website when things are bad, then disappears till their next problem:cool: . Here in Australia we are experiencing a lot of motorcycle deaths and our government is knee jerk reacting. Most it seems from older guys returning to motorcycling after 20 years off to do the family thing and not realising the power of modern bikes. It is a sad thing but of course it sets the ripples off in the pond and all are affected. I am awaiting the new ways the government will be seen to be doing something. Are you blokes overseas experiencing the same thing or is it just here? I figure you cant legislate out human nature and boys will be boys. I am old enough to know better but cant help but give it full revs and take a few risks to get the smile happening. Any other old guys out there still giving the young blokes a run for their money?

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