For Sale 2015 750 spare race/track parts for sale

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Apr 22, 2021
Having recently sold my 750, I have the below spare parts for sale..

rear wheel and sprocket (tyre not included)
rear spindle
front brake pads (fast street/track) EBC FA447HH
r&g engine cover Left Hand Side Crankcase Cover (damaged)
r&g engine cover Right Hand Side Clutch and Idle Case Cover
brand new slicks (unused) 120/17 & 180/60 Continental Track (Medium rear)
brand new biketec tyre warmers (unused) - postage available
full set of uk pro-fibre race fairings in very good condition - painted in rizla colours
brand new starlane lap timer (unused) and keflab fork mounting bracket - postage available
diamond racing clip ons - postage available
rear seat cowl
4 or 5 used track tyres (rear&fronts), enough grip for 1 or 2 days

Will separate, collection preferred (due to size/weight) unless stated otherwise.

More pics can be provided.

Price open to negotiation.

Please message me if interested in any of the above.


  • brake pads.jpg
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  • clutch cover.jpg
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  • crankcase cover.jpg
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  • front tyre.jpg
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  • lap timer.jpg
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  • rear tyre.jpg
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  • rear wheel2.jpg
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  • seat cowl.jpg
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  • tyre warmers.jpg
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