06 600 Troubles: Gauge Cluster Glitches and Start-up Silence


New member
Nov 11, 2023
I recently picked up a 06 GSXR 600 and encountered a peculiar issue. The gauge cluster has intermittent glitches, able to manupulate it turning on and off by messing with the large connected in the front of the bike that connects the front fairing electronics to the bike. Now, after taking the gas tank and head light fairing off, the bike refuses to start. No response from the starter button, no clicks—just silence. However, the fuel pump primes, and the temperature gauge displays a "CHEC" message, sometimes.
Here's what I've checked:
  • I verified I didn't leave any connector disconnected
  • Wiring, connectors, and fuses are good
  • No aftermarket components or modifications.
Any insights or suggestions on where to look next would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance