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  1. J

    GSXR1000 L8

    Isn't it in the manual? Failing that check the parts lists on somewhere like Robinsons or CMSNL that should give you what you want
  2. J

    New Member

    First bike?:oops: ....remember the throttle works both ways. Can't help with the LEDs I'm afraid. Why do you want to change them?
  3. J

    Tank Grips

    I am in the process of changing my tank grips, had some pre cut R&G but didn't think they were particularly grippy or big enough. Mate has some Eazi-grip pros on his, like the grip level but the pre cuts are the same shape as the R&G and once again smaller than I'd like. I got some of the...
  4. J

    Engine upgrade

    I dare say that this will no longer be relevant considering it's almost a year since you posted but for what it's worth. I believe both the 750 and 1000 engines can go in without too much trouble judging from posts I've seen on That said are you really sure that's the way you want to...
  5. J

    Brake upgrade

    Surprised a search on this only turned up two returns...Anyway...Still trying to sort my front brakes to my satisfaction. They're strong enough but they do tend to drag just a bit. Hoping that the new set of stainless pistons might help (the one stainless replacement already fitted is slightly...
  6. J

    Where is everyone??? .

    Lack of critical mass? Not interested in social media myself. Is the farcebook page busy?
  7. J

    Anyone about???

    North Dorset here.
  8. J

    Paint codes

    Just in case anyone else is looking for this .... H3P is the bike code 33J Pearl novelty black Y2D Flasu silver metallic Wheels are 12R Tight Silver metallic
  9. J

    Poole Motorcycles

    Can't think of a better dealer. Whenever I've visited or phoned they couldn't have been more helpful. No matter how small the issue they have always been friendly and interested, such a refreshing change to the majority of dealers. Can't recommend them enough.
  10. J

    Clutch problem

    You get this fixed?
  11. J

    Paint codes

    Does anyone know the bike paint code of the UK 1999 750 in the black and silver paint and also the paint code for the black paint used. It's a pearlescent black with blue flecks. Cheers
  12. J

    Ulez friendly carb refurb

    Have you considered getting it tested? It's £175 to get it done but if a 1984 RD350 can pass it I'd be surprised if yours didnt
  13. J

    Butchered wiring.99 srad 750

    Where are you based?
  14. J

    Any injection 750 owners in Dorset willing to do a compare and contrast?

    Just wondering if there were any owners of FI 750 SRAD owners in Dorset or close by that would be willing to meet up for a compare and contrast session just to put my mind at rest regarding the vibration I'm getting. Bonus points if your willing to swap a few components to see if we can nail...
  15. J

    Is a "buzzing" ecu indicative of imminent ecu death?

    Hi all. Had the regulator/rectifier fail recently on my '99 SRAD, replaced it with a Mosfet one but now there is a distinct buzzing coming from the ECU although the bike appears to be running fine. Anyone else experienced the buzzing and if so what happened after that?
  16. J

    Front Brakes knocking

    Hi all, I noticed the other day that there was quite a loud knocking coming from the front end under heavy braking. I've checked out the front end and can find nothing obviously amiss but today I was reading on another forum a post that said this was quite common on the SRADs is anyone aware of...
  17. J

    Fitting a later rear shock

    Does anyone know if any of the shocks from the later models fit the SRAD? Looking to upgrade the suspension this winter and was wondering if there was going to be a more cost effective option than the ones I'm currently considering.
  18. J

    Air Screw settings with K&N filter fitted

    My '99 750 has an Art end can and a K&N Filter fitted. When I bought it it was running eyewateringly rich at idle (no exageration it genuinely made my eyes stream) checking the air screws on the throttle bodies found them to be significantly out from standard settings so I reset them to...
  19. J

    Fuel Injection or Carbs?

    I'm looking to get an SRAD in the near future and have a few questions if any one would be so kind 1. What's the general consensus on which one is better when it comes to the SRAD, carbs or Fuel injection? 2. Are there any known weak points? 3. I'm expecting the suspension to be knackered...
  20. J

    Differences between UK and Canadian models

    Hi all, thinking about buying a '99 Canadian import, does anyone know what if any are the differences between it and the UK model.