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  1. GixxerGod

    New Guy

    Hey, welcome to the club.
  2. GixxerGod

    Just got here

    Sweet looking bike!
  3. GixxerGod

    New here

    Awesome! Love the colour scheme
  4. GixxerGod

    New Member Question

    Rear undertray
  5. GixxerGod

    1999 SRAD fuelling problem

    thanks for following up.
  6. GixxerGod

    New guy can’t see for sale section...

    Just scroll down, you will see all the posts
  7. GixxerGod

    Performance Bikes magazine article - October 2015

    There is one here:
  8. GixxerGod

    New guy can’t see for sale section...

    Can you send me a screenshot? You should have permission to view
  9. GixxerGod

    New guy can’t see for sale section...

    Okay, give me a moment and I’ll fix it.
  10. GixxerGod

    Silence is golden.........

    Absolutely, however most people lurk in the shadows for whatever reason :?
  11. GixxerGod

    2000 Gsxr 750

    You running stock sprockets?
  12. GixxerGod

    best tires for gsxr1000

    I have the BT23 on my 600, I think they are brilliant.
  13. GixxerGod

    Just wow!

    Welcome to the club, I don't think you will ever get too old for a GSX-R. What track in Bedford, the autodrome?
  14. GixxerGod

    Service Manual for K8 600

    It’s available in the service manual area.
  15. GixxerGod

    1995 braced swingarm.

    I was only asking as we have members globally, you may get more responses if people know where you are.
  16. GixxerGod

    1995 braced swingarm.

    Hey Howard, where about a are you located?
  17. GixxerGod

    Dutch_Rider is here!

    Hey Chris! Welcome to the club. Great looking bikes you have!
  18. GixxerGod

    New to group stoked to be a member super helpful

    Welcome to the club @Gixxer7502009
  19. GixxerGod

    Suzuki GSX-R 750 L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 L6 Service Manual

    Hey @Justin300 It should be detailed at the top of the page for each manual. To download any Service Manuals, you need to meet the following criteria: 1) Be an active member (You need to have been a member for at least 6 months and have 50 meaningful posts) 2) Upgrade your account to a...
  20. GixxerGod

    Hi there

    Hey, welcome to the club! Amazing looking machines you have there!