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    how do

    Hi Matt, welcome! That's a fantastic photo by the way.
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    Hello. Have you any photos of them? Would like to see them.
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    Hi! Welcome, ace looking bike!
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    Hi new here thanks for allowing me in

    Hi! welcome where about are you from?
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    Hello there, a new member myself. What model have you got?
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    Hi Guys and Girls

    Hello from another new member.
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    New member saying hello to another new member... "Hello" 😂
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    Ey up chuck.

    Thanks for the really informative reply. I'll check them out on google, see what stock they have. Is the 750 much heavier than the 600, I mean on paper it is, but is it noticeable would you say when at a standstill etc?
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    Ey up chuck.

    Hello Everyone, New member here. While I don't have a GSX-R yet, I plan on getting one this spring. I can't decide between a 600 or 750, what one would you guys recommend? I'm nearly 40 (early mid-life crisis) I've been without a bike for around 15 years since my son was born, but need to get...