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    Up until this year I had been using Michelins but I heard good things about q4 without warmers and I don't have a great setup for warmers so if I'm somewhere that electric is not convenient I don't worry about. If you're on the fence, I'd give them a try. I was at Road America this year and...
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    Some photos of the tires after a day.
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    I used the Q4 this year on my 08 750. The track I go to most often is not really fast but is more of a technical track, really fun. I was getting 1-1.5 decent days out of the rear. They are very sticky though and warm up very fast without warmers. I had some oh crap moments that I just pushed...
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    Anyone using the new Battlax R11? I have heard quite a few good reviews, especially from some of the big publications. Anybody on here using them yet?
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    What other bikes do you own?

    I love motorcycles, not just GSX-Rs. I have a 2006 Buell xb12ss, Husqvarna SMR510, 1966 Honda CL77, and a 1979 Honda CB400TII in addition to a 2008 GSX-r 750. What other bikes do you guys have? **edit** I've been looking through the site and realized I should have posted this in "motorcycle...
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    I bought another bike.

    I recently bought a 2008 GSX-R 750. It's got just shy of 3000 miles but has primarily been used for track days. I plan to use it for that as well. Any other weekend warriors on this site? What's your favorite race track?