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  1. GixxerGod

    Hi All, glad to be a member

    Very nice colour scheme!
  2. GixxerGod

    Hi from North Somerset.

    Great looking bike!
  3. GixxerGod

    New member

  4. GixxerGod


    Nice! I had a similar SRAD. Cracking bikes.
  5. GixxerGod

    GSXR1000 L8

    Should be in the manual
  6. GixxerGod

    Comment by 'GixxerGod' in album 'My new toy'

    Stunning bike. Always wanted one in this scheme.
  7. GixxerGod

    Where is everyone??? .

    There are 12k Members on there, growing by 100+ per day, it's quite busy, but I hate FB, so resisted for a long time to set the group up.
  8. GixxerGod

    Where is everyone??? .

    Hey Ian, We suffer from a lot of lurkers. It seems that a lot of folk are adverse to actually posting anything these days. Try the facebook Group
  9. GixxerGod

    New Guy

    Hey, welcome to the club.
  10. GixxerGod

    Just got here

    Sweet looking bike!
  11. GixxerGod

    New here

    Awesome! Love the colour scheme
  12. GixxerGod

    New Member Question

    Rear undertray
  13. GixxerGod

    1999 SRAD fuelling problem

    thanks for following up.
  14. GixxerGod

    New guy can’t see for sale section...

    Just scroll down, you will see all the posts
  15. GixxerGod

    Performance Bikes magazine article - October 2015

    There is one here:
  16. GixxerGod

    New guy can’t see for sale section...

    Can you send me a screenshot? You should have permission to view
  17. GixxerGod

    New guy can’t see for sale section...

    Okay, give me a moment and I’ll fix it.
  18. GixxerGod

    Silence is golden.........

    Absolutely, however most people lurk in the shadows for whatever reason :?
  19. GixxerGod

    2000 Gsxr 750

    You running stock sprockets?