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  1. J

    Gsxr600 k1 for sale

    Got my gsxr 600 k1 up for sale on ebay and gumtree, good solid bike, low miles, good condition and not wanting a fortune for it! ebay item number 201677103607 gumtree number 1190676031
  2. J

    Yoshimura EMS software/installation CD

    This is a long shot but I have just bought a yoshimura ems box off ebay (same as power commander 3) and I don't have the software cd, it contains all the fuelling maps and obviously the installation programme for your laptop. People have said that you can use power commander maps but you still...
  3. J

    fork swap

    Just a general query. I have a gsxr600 k1, if I wanted to fit front forks from a 750 k1 (upside down forks) then which parts would I need exactly and has anyone done it and did it make much difference to the handling? thanks
  4. J

    aftermarket headlight query

    Anybody bought one of those brand new headlamps from one of those chinese sellers on ebay? I am in need of one for my gsxr 600 k1, they are just over £100 new but my concern is that they are not DOT certified so does this mean they will not have a proper beam pattern and will not pass an MOT...
  5. J

    gsxr 600 k1 track fairing gloss black

    Gloss black track fairing removed from a gsxr600 k1, includes: nose cone with black screen, bellypan/side fairings, tail unit with foam seat, front mudguard. Just removed these from a track bike i have just bought but i am putting it back onto the road so these are not needed. These are in...
  6. J

    gsxr 600 k1 road parts required

    I am putting a gsxr600 k1 track bike back onto the road, i have stripped the track fairings off etc so now i am in need of a good few road parts. I will do a quick list and if anyone has anything i am after then please send me a message headlight and connecting harness, tail light...
  7. J

    new member from north east

    hello everyone, just joined today as i have just bought a k1 600 track bike that i am putting back onto the road so will probably be on here quite a lot for advice etc, cheers